About Us

Rascope’s vision is to contribute to the environment and human security with reliable photonic sensors detecting micro pollutants. Our unique and compact non-contact sensor platform enable in-line testing and automatic process control. Our goal is to ensure reliable quality production and real time process control in-line for our customers.



Customers high standard is our obligation. We act pro-actively and agile with our customer together and develop the best solution per customer’s requirements. Our personal attention and loyalty in cooperation with our customers are our strength.


Only precise and highly available solutions can guarantee customer’s success. Rascope stands for high quality in services and products. We strive for the newest solutions, which fulfil customer’s needs.


Our passion is your benefit. We give attention to details and develop with passion quality sensors for measuring in micro scale. We enter new fields with innovative concepts and technologies master challenges delighted.


We focus on innovative engineering and miniaturized solutions for efficient process control. We achieve that with reasonable project management, interdisciplinary engineering, and production. We have a strong commitment into research and development and follow an intellectual property strategy.


As a startup rascope works in tight collaborations in the field of engineering. Within our network, we cover all engineering disciplines and provide you highest service.


My name is Urs Schneider. During my career, I gathered long lasting experiences in photonics, mechatronics, and mechanics. In 2015 I established the company rascope ag aiming to contribute to the environment and human security with reliable inspection. My vision is to do that with detection of toxics and other substances on trace levels. My main application focuses on the most important resourses water and air.